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Cottage in Klavreström
  Holidayhome Klavreström, swedish cottage
Cottage in Klavreström, Småland
You will find the holiday home „Klaveström“ in the idyllic locality of Klaveström. Klaveström is l...

  6 Beds   3200 - 5500 SEK/W
600 - 800 SEK/Day

Cabin in Holsbybrunn
Cabin in Holsbybrunn, Småland
Nice rustic forest idyll. Guaranteed quiet and peaceful. Forests and meadows next to the cottage. ...

  2 Beds   2000 - 2500 SEK/W

Cottage in Lammhult
  Cosy red little cotage
Cottage in Lammhult, Småland
Welcome to our cosy cottage built in traditional country style, with a wonderful view over the lak...

  5 + 1 Beds   3500 - 4200 SEK/W
600 - 700 SEK/Day

Cottage in Asa, Lammhult
  Beautifully situated newly built cottage
Cottage in Asa, Lammhult, Småland
A newly built modern cottage for rent on a weekly basis. There are three bedrooms (2+2+1beds), a s...

  5 Beds   3600 - 5200 SEK/W
700 - 800 SEK/Day

Cottage in Isaberg, Hestra, Skillingaryd, Gnosjö
  Calm and wonderful location in Hestra
Cottage in Isaberg, Hestra, Skillingaryd, Gnosjö, Småland
Welcome to a scenic dwelling in the Småländska high land with a view stretching for miles and cl...

  6 + 2 Beds   5900 - 9100 SEK/W
1450 SEK/Day

Flat in Hestra, Isaberg
  Turn of the century apartment in Hestra
Flat in Hestra, Isaberg, Småland
With fine old enamel stoves and cosiness, the house Sjövik, which is Hestras oldest house, your va...

  4 + 2 Beds   4098 - 6285 SEK/W
709 - 1087 SEK/Day

Cottage in Ljungby, Bolmsö
  Summer house close to beach & fishing
Cottage in Ljungby, Bolmsö, Småland
Welcome to our fully equipped summer house just 175 metres from swimming & fishing in the lake Bol...

  6 + 4 Beds   4500 - 6200 SEK/W

Cottage in Vaggeryd
  Summerlodge by seaside, lake fishing
Cottage in Vaggeryd, Småland
75m2 lodge by a lake. The garden beatyfuly blend into the nature with its own seaside, bridge and ...

  5 Beds   4500 - 5300 SEK/W
700 - 800 SEK/Day

Cottage in Kalmar
  House by the sea close to Kalmar Småland
Cottage in Kalmar, Småland
New house near the sea, swimming and nature. The house consists of 3 rooms (1 living room + 2 bedr...

  4 Beds   4500 - 6000 SEK/W
750 - 1000 SEK/Day

Cottage in Sandsjöfors, Nässjö
  Cottage Eken on a farm in Smålands highland
Cottage in Sandsjöfors, Nässjö, Småland
House with 2 rooms and complete kitchen with all equipment. There is a mirrored house (Björken - t...

  6 Beds   4000 - 4000 SEK/W
1000 - 1000 SEK/Day

Cottage in Sandsjöfors
  Cottage on farm in the Highland Småland
Cottage in Sandsjöfors, Småland
House with 2 rooms and a complete kitchen with all necessary equipment available. There is also an...

  6 Beds   4000 - 4000 SEK/W
1000 - 1000 SEK/Day

Room in Gränna
  Modern nice room in center of Gränna
Room in Gränna, Småland
Live in the center of Gränna with walking distance to both food and bath. The room has a queen-siz...

  2 + 1 Beds  

Flat in Mörlunda, Hultsfred, Vimmerby
  Apartment in the Noisyvillage school
Flat in Mörlunda, Hultsfred, Vimmerby, Småland
Nicely renovated apartment at the second floor of an old schoolhouse with 2 rooms and kitchen plus...

  4 + 1 Beds   3500 SEK/W
800 SEK/Day

Cabin in Sävsjö
  Peace and quiet
Cabin in Sävsjö, Småland
A holiday home in quiet mode and unabashedly. In a clearing in the forests of Småland is this cozy...

  4 Beds   3600 - 4100 SEK/W

House in Gullaskruv
  Big and spacious house
House in Gullaskruv, Småland
Gullaskruv is a small village in the middle of the glass-factory country. Its a very spacious hous...

  6 + 1 Beds   3000 SEK/W

House in Gamleby
  Summerhouse in Småland
House in Gamleby, Småland
Big well equipped hour with a big garden. Perfect for family with children who wants to experience...

  4 Beds   4400 - 4900 SEK/W

Farm in Lövåsen, Öreryd, Hestra
  Welcome to Lövåsen Isaberg Hestra
Farm in Lövåsen, Öreryd, Hestra, Småland
In this part of great natural beuty in Småland, you can enjoy your holiday. We hope you will have ...

  11 Beds   1900 - 2900 SEK/W
500 - 800 SEK/Day

Cottage in Vetlanda
  Cottage - Astrid Lindgren Smaland
Cottage in Vetlanda, Småland
SÄLLEGÅRDEN On Sällegård you can experience holidays on a farm as it is described in Astrid Lindg...

  6 + 3 Beds   3800 SEK/W

House in Toftahult Gård, Ålshult, Ryd
  Spacious farmhouse 15 beds, near Åsnen
House in Toftahult Gård, Ålshult, Ryd, Småland
We offer stay on a farm and bed & breakfast at Toftahult farm. Toftahult- Guesthouse with 15 beds...

  11 + 4 Beds   7900 - 9900 SEK/W

House in Kalmar, Patamalm
  Holiday home at the Baltic coast in Sout
House in Kalmar, Patamalm, Småland
… in Patamalm, about 30 kilometers north of the town of Kalmar you will find this charming, cosy a...

  6 Beds   8900 SEK/W
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