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Cottage in Kållandsö, Naven, Lidköping
  Lakeside Cottage
Cottage in Kållandsö, Naven, Lidköping, Västergötland
Cottage located 5 meters from the bridge to the west. There are moorings available in Connection w...

  4 Beds   5000 SEK/W
900 SEK/Day

House in Härryda
  Lovely place at lake in nature
House in Härryda, Västergötland
Middle of nature, far from everyday stress, just 20 minutes to Gothenburg and 10 min to Landvetter...

  4 + 1 Beds   8000 - 12500 SEK/W
1350 - 1999 SEK/Day

Cottage in Hjo
  Cottage near the lake Vättern
Cottage in Hjo, Västergötland
Cottage 18 km south of Hjo. The cottage is situated in the countryside in beautiful surroundings w...

  2 + 2 Beds   2800 SEK/W
500 SEK/Day

Flat in Göteborg, Tingstad
  Furnished guest apartment central
Flat in Göteborg, Tingstad, Västergötland
Guest apartment of 75 m2 over 2 rooms and kitchen. To offer for short term rentals. The apartment ...

  4 + 2 Beds   3100 - 4200 SEK/W
550 - 600 SEK/Day

House in Vedum, Vara kommun
  A small house in Vedum
House in Vedum, Vara kommun, Västergötland
Description. Ingrids House is newly renovated and comprises of a kitchen, bathroom, living room, b...

  5 + 2 Beds   3000 SEK/W
600 SEK/Day

Cottage in Hjo
  Cottage for rent in Hjo 2800 kr/w
Cottage in Hjo, Västergötland
nice cottage close to lake with swimming and fishing possibilities. Fully modern cottage with all...

  2 + 2 Beds   2800 SEK/W
500 SEK/Day

Cottage in Göteborg, Eskilsby
  Cottage with sauna by the lake
Cottage in Göteborg, Eskilsby, Västergötland
Cottage with a sauna right by the lake. Now we rent out our cottage in idyllic location at the...

  3 + 1 Beds   4000 - 5500 SEK/W

Cottage in Solberga, Åsarp, Falköping
  Nice fully mod. cottage, Fishing,Rafting
Cottage in Solberga, Åsarp, Falköping, Västergötland
Well run and fully equipped holiday cottage of 124 sqm. Set in beautiful and undisturbed countrysi...

  9 + 2 Beds   7500 SEK/W

Cottage in Lidköping
  Cottage on Kållandsö, Naven
Cottage in Lidköping, Västergötland
Cottage with 3 bedrooms + sofa bed in the living room. Fully equipped, washing machine, dishwasher...

  5 + 2 Beds   6000 SEK/W
1100 SEK/Day

House in Vänersnäs, Vänersborg, Trollhättan
  House by Vänern
House in Vänersnäs, Vänersborg, Trollhättan, Västergötland
On a farm theres a 2-floor house just by Vänern. A large patio on the back side, where theres a pl...

  4 Beds   4500 - 5000 SEK/W
800 - 1000 SEK/Day

Cottage in Härryda
  Summerhome with seaview
Cottage in Härryda, Västergötland
Cottage with panoramic sea view for rent in Härryda. 10 min at Landvetter airport. Beautiful area,...

  4 + 2 Beds   6000 - 7500 SEK/W

Cottage in Göteborg, Borås, Bollebygd
  Loggcabbin 10 meters from the lake
Cottage in Göteborg, Borås, Bollebygd, Västergötland
A cosy loggcabbin at good fishing and swimming lake. Ballasjön is famous fore its karpfishing but ...

  4 + 2 Beds   3500 - 4900 SEK/W

Cottage in Alingsås
  Quiet, close to water, private bath-hous
Cottage in Alingsås, Västergötland
Only 30 minutes from Gothenburg lies this farm cottage in vicinity to the lake Mjörn. Great for ...

  2 + 2 Beds   4800 - 6100 SEK/W
865 - 865 SEK/Day

Cottage in Röd, Hunnebostrand, Bohuslän
  Cottage with guest house near Åbyfjorden
Cottage in Röd, Hunnebostrand, Bohuslän, Västergötland
Charming cottage located in the beautiful landscape near the zoo - Nordens Ark. The cottage is sur...

  8 + 6 Beds   6000 - 8000 SEK/W

House in Bäreberg, Nossebro
  Cosy house near Nossebro
House in Bäreberg, Nossebro, Västergötland
House with three rooms and kitchen. Two bedrooms with double beds in each room, large living room ...

  4 Beds   3800 SEK/W
650 SEK/Day

Cottage in Dalstorp, Ulricehamn, Hestra
  Cosy cottage on the countryside
Cottage in Dalstorp, Ulricehamn, Hestra, Västergötland
Welcome to Källagården! This is our little cottage located on our farm, and here you can enjoy li...

  5 Beds   5200 SEK/W
1500 SEK/Day

Cottage in Svenljunga, Borås, Ullared, Göteborg
  Cosy cottage in the woods without electricity
Cottage in Svenljunga, Borås, Ullared, Göteborg, Västergötland
Always the same price/ day, any day of arrival. A cozy cottage with a grass roof in the forest ...

  2 + 2 Beds   2100 SEK/W
300 SEK/Day

Cottage in Töreboda
  Göta canal Hajstorp
Cottage in Töreboda, Västergötland
Cozy cottage next to the canal (50 m) with walking distance to sea lock area Hajstorp (300 m). ...

  4 + 4 Beds   5500 - 6500 SEK/W
1200 - 1500 SEK/Day

Cottage in Hyppeln, Öckerö, Hönö, Källö-Knippla
  Summerhouse a stonesthrow from the sea
Cottage in Hyppeln, Öckerö, Hönö, Källö-Knippla, Västergötland
Newly renovated summerhouse in the heart of the old parts of the picturesque fishing village, on t...

  2 + 2 Beds   3150 SEK/W
450 SEK/Day

Cottage in Svenljunga, Ullared, Borås, Göteborg
Cottage in Svenljunga, Ullared, Borås, Göteborg, Västergötland
Cosy red little cottage on an old farm in the middle of the woods but still not more than 10 minut...

  4 Beds   3500 SEK/W
500 SEK/Day
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