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Cottage in Lidköping
  Cosy summerhouse
Cottage in Lidköping, Västergötland
Small cottage in an idyllic and secluded location in a clearing in the woods. Pleasant house with ...

  2 + 2 Beds   3500 SEK/W

Cottage in Od, Fristad, Borås, Herrljunga
  Marielund, cottage in the woods
Cottage in Od, Fristad, Borås, Herrljunga, Västergötland
Marielund, is a cozy red cottage from the turn of the century. Located on a small forest road next...

  4 + 1 Beds   3000 - 4000 SEK/W
700 - 800 SEK/Day

Cottage in Ulricehamn, Tvärred, Hulu
  Cosy cottage near Yttre Åsunden
Cottage in Ulricehamn, Tvärred, Hulu, Västergötland
Quiet and peaceful cottage is available to rent weekly. The cottage is very family friendly (high ...

  4 + 2 Beds   3800 SEK/W

Cottage in Tidaholm, Hökensås
  Small cottage on Hökensås
Cottage in Tidaholm, Hökensås, Västergötland
At the top on Hökensås 1 km above Hökensås holiday village is situated this newly renovated (2015)...

  6 Beds   5600 - 7700 SEK/W
800 - 1100 SEK/Day

Cottage in Gårdsjö, Hova
  For rent
Cottage in Gårdsjö, Hova, Västergötland
The house is 200 m2 on 2 levels. The plot is 2500 m2 and adjacent to the forest. 1st floor inc...

  10 + 2 Beds   4600 - 6000 SEK/W

Cottage in Alingsås, Borås, Vårgårda
  Cottage by lake
Cottage in Alingsås, Borås, Vårgårda, Västergötland
On a private cape in a lake system with three forest lakes, lies this holiday house of about 60 m2...

  5 Beds   4000 - 6000 SEK/W
800 - 800 SEK/Day

House in Hyssna, Göteborg, Borås
  Live on a farm
House in Hyssna, Göteborg, Borås, Västergötland
Backa, active farming with beautiful meadows where beef cattle and sheep can graze. You will live ...

  6 Beds   5100 - 7500 SEK/W
2000 - 2000 SEK/Day

Cottage in Upphärad, Sjuntorp, Trollhättan
  Cozy little cottage and good fishing!
Cottage in Upphärad, Sjuntorp, Trollhättan, Västergötland
Simple, but cozy little cottage on forest land, overlooking Vanderydydsvattnet. Living space 25...

  2 + 2 Beds   3500 - 4000 SEK/W
500 - 600 SEK/Day

House in Hyssna, Marks kommun, Göteborg, Borås
  Cottage at Hyssna near Gothenburg and Borås
House in Hyssna, Marks kommun, Göteborg, Borås, Västergötland
Charming house from the early 19th century on lakeside farm at Hyssna, Marks municipity. Close to ...

  8 Beds   6400 - 8500 SEK/W
2400 - 2400 SEK/Day

House in Hyssna, Göteborg, Borås
  Winter weekend in the countryside close to Borås, Gothenburg
House in Hyssna, Göteborg, Borås, Västergötland
Experience the winter in the countryside in a spacious villa on our animal/forest farm with authen...

  6 Beds   5100 - 7500 SEK/W
2000 - 2000 SEK/Day

Cottage in Hyssna
  Modern house open the hole year round
Cottage in Hyssna, Västergötland
The house is finally finished. Everything was above expectations. We have furnished the house wit...

  8 Beds   7000 - 13000 SEK/W
2500 - 4500 SEK/Day

Cottage in Sjöbonäs
  A beachfront paradise 1 hr Gothenburg
Cottage in Sjöbonäs, Västergötland
A paradise with beachfront at Frisjön, sauna raft, boat, fishing, off Boras about 1 hour from Goth...

  4 + 4 Beds   7900 - 12500 SEK/W

Cottage in Hjo, Hökensås
  Cottage on horsefarm at Lovely Hawkhill!
Cottage in Hjo, Hökensås, Västergötland
Cottage no 1. This cottage lies by our small mini cottage village on the farm. One cottage is ...

  4 + 2 Beds   2800 SEK/W
450 - 450 SEK/Day

Cottage in Mjöbäck
  Mandys cottage by Mandys Inn
Cottage in Mjöbäck, Västergötland
Rent our fresh and a bit different Mandys cottage with 50-60s theme, for rent all year round. 3 r...

  4 + 2 Beds   990 SEK/Day

Cottage in Bovallstrand
  House by the sea with coastal view
Cottage in Bovallstrand, Västergötland
We rent our house which consist of perfect compact living on approx 50 sqm. Down plane; kitchen, ...

  2 + 3 Beds   5000 - 6000 SEK/W

Cottage in Mariestad, Björsäter
  10 m from Vänern
Cottage in Mariestad, Björsäter, Västergötland
Only about 10 minutes from Mariestad you will find this beautiful house next to Vänern. Here you c...

  4 + 1 Beds   4000 - 5000 SEK/W
1000 - 1200 SEK/Day

Flat in Göteborg
  Appartment in southwest Gothenburg
Flat in Göteborg, Västergötland
Here you stay close to the favorite beach in Gothenburg with good communications to the city. Näse...

  2 + 2 Beds   3100 - 3600 SEK/W

Cottage in Härryda
  Cottage at the lake 5 km from Airport
Cottage in Härryda, Västergötland
Small cottage for four people in connection with the lake and wildlife. Canoe is included in the r...

  3 + 1 Beds   4800 SEK/W
550 SEK/Day

House in Mariestad
  New summerhouse close to the sea
House in Mariestad, Västergötland
New produced summerhouse on the island Torsö in the lake Vänern. The main building has three bedro...

  8 + 4 Beds   5500 - 8500 SEK/W

Cottage in Alboga, Herrljunga kommun
  Cabin/apartment in Högevalla, Alboga
Cottage in Alboga, Herrljunga kommun, Västergötland
Newly renovated two-bedroom apartment of about 40 sqm with 4 beds, very cosy. Modern and stylish k...

  2 + 2 Beds   2300 - 2800 SEK/W
400 - 500 SEK/Day
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