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Flat in Hamburgsund
  Room for rent
Flat in Hamburgsund, Bohuslän
Balcony to the west.Very calm area.Week 29 not possible renting

  1 + 1 Beds   2100 SEK/W
300 SEK/Day

Cottage in Fiskebäckskil, Skaftö, Lysekils kommun
  Beachside at Fiskebäckskil, Bohuslän
Cottage in Fiskebäckskil, Skaftö, Lysekils kommun, Bohuslän
Holiday house with miles wide, stunning view of the Gullmarsfjord and Lysekil. Freely located on a...

  6 + 2 Beds   3000 - 9000 SEK/W

House in Smögen
  Close to sea on beautiful Smögen
House in Smögen, Bohuslän
We rent out the upper floor that fits larger/multiple families, or an apartment on the ground floo...

  17 + 3 Beds   6000 - 10000 SEK/W

Cottage in Nösund, Orust
  Summer house at seashore
Cottage in Nösund, Orust, Bohuslän
Charming carefully, typical of renovated older fishermans house / cottage in BOHUSLÄN, Nösund with...

  6 + 2 Beds   15000 SEK/W

Flat in Gullholmen
  Apartment on Gullholmen with sea view
Flat in Gullholmen, Bohuslän
Fresh apartment on Gullholmen-Herman island with sea view The flat is on 47 sqm hand has two ro...

  5 Beds   2000 - 5000 SEK/W
600 SEK/Day

Cottage in Gullholmen
  Newly built fresh cottage with view of Gullholm
Cottage in Gullholmen, Bohuslän
Newly built cottage of 25 sqm with view of Herman island-Gullholmen. About 5 min walk from the fer...

  4 + 1 Beds   2000 - 5000 SEK/W
600 SEK/Day

Cottage in Lysekil
  Beautiful Härnäset
Cottage in Lysekil, Bohuslän
Spring, summer and autumn we rent a modern cabin. Sunny location in beautiful quiet environment 20...

  2 Beds   2800 - 3500 SEK/W
560 - 700 SEK/Day

Cottage in Marstrand
  Nice cottage in Marstrand
Cottage in Marstrand, Bohuslän
Nice cottage with kitchen, living room, dining table, sofa bed for 2 persons, sofa table, TV bench...

  4 + 2 Beds   6500 - 7500 SEK/W

Cottage in Tjörn
  Tyfta Bed & Breakfast and Restaurant
Cottage in Tjörn, Bohuslän
Much welcome to the wonderful island Tjörn. About 12,5 km after the bridges of Tjörn has finished ...

  10 + 6 Beds   4000 SEK/W
400 SEK/Day

Cottage in Tjörn
  Bed and Breakfast and cottages to rent
Cottage in Tjörn, Bohuslän
Much welcome to the wonderful island Tjörn. About 12,5 km after the bridges of Tjörn has finished ...

  4 + 2 Beds   4000 SEK/W
400 SEK/Day

Room in Göteborg
  Cozy basement studio in Gothenburg
Room in Göteborg, Bohuslän
In a calm villa-area, close to nature, the sea and the city of Gothenburg you will find this charm...

  2 + 1 Beds   2500 - 4400 SEK/W
400 - 700 SEK/Day

Cottage in Nösund
  Cottage dating from the 1700s near Lyr
Cottage in Nösund, Bohuslän
Cozy cottage dating from the 1700s Stay at the lovely child friendly Ramshult Location of c...

  6 + 1 Beds   9500 SEK/W

Cottage in Slussen, Orust, Västkusten
  Newly renovated cottage 600m to ocean
Cottage in Slussen, Orust, Västkusten, Bohuslän
bookable summer 2018 “Newly renovated holiday home with open spaces both inside & out, 600 m to...

  6 Beds   5900 - 9300 SEK/W

House in Slävik, Härnäset, Lysekil kommun
  Genuine cottage by the sea
House in Slävik, Härnäset, Lysekil kommun, Bohuslän
Bohuslän cottage from 1890, in an idyllic and peaceful location just by the sea, at the roads end ...

  6 + 2 Beds   6000 - 7500 SEK/W

Cottage in Ljungskile
  Cabin near the sea outside of Ljungskile
Cottage in Ljungskile, Bohuslän
Cabin near the family house, still private, 2-5 beds. Sofabed in one room and sleepingloft above t...

  2 + 2 Beds   3000 - 4000 SEK/W
600 - 800 SEK/Day

Cottage in Ängön, Flatön, Orust
  Waterfront house in Bohuslän archepelago
Cottage in Ängön, Flatön, Orust, Bohuslän
The flat is situated on the island Ängön in a separate house on the second floor with a lovely vie...

  4 Beds   4000 - 5000 SEK/W

Flat in Grundsund, Skaftö
  Cosy flat in central Grundsund
Flat in Grundsund, Skaftö, Bohuslän
Newly refurbished one bedroom lower ground floor flat in central Grundsund (60m2). Kitchen equipp...

  2 + 2 Beds   5000 SEK/W

Flat in Tolleby, Bleket
  Summerapartement on Tjörn near the sea
Flat in Tolleby, Bleket, Bohuslän
Apartment, about 35 kvm, on Tjörn between Skärhamn and Bleket at Morike Kile among rocks and with ...

  4 Beds   3000 - 3800 SEK/W

Cottage in Orust
  Small house on a farm for rent
Cottage in Orust, Bohuslän
The cottage is rented weekly (Saturday-Saturday). The cottage has two rooms and a kitchen, shower,...

  4 + 1 Beds   3500 - 4000 SEK/W

Cottage in Flatön, Orust
  Summer house on beautiful island
Cottage in Flatön, Orust, Bohuslän
The summer house is built for quality time in the archipelago and has 3 large sundecks for relaxat...

  6 + 4 Beds   8000 - 9500 SEK/W
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