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Cottage in Väddö Fastland
  Renovated Cottage with lake view
Cottage in Väddö Fastland, Uppland
Cottage overlooking the Grano Creek. Distance to swimming and jetty 150 m Kitchen equipped wit...

  2 + 2 Beds   4000 - 4500 SEK/W

Cottage in Ingarö, Skälsmara, Värmdö, Stockholm
  Ingarö in Stockholms Archipelago
Cottage in Ingarö, Skälsmara, Värmdö, Stockholm, Uppland
This charming and beautiful holiday home is located in Ingarö, only a 25-minute-drive away from St...

  2 + 2 Beds   5500 - 7800 SEK/W
1100 - 1400 SEK/Day

Cottage in Grisslehamn, Byholma, Norrtälje, Stockholm
  Charming house with open fireplace at Grisslehamn
Cottage in Grisslehamn, Byholma, Norrtälje, Stockholm, Uppland
We are renting out our charming and rustic house in the old farmer village Byholm. The house is in...

  6 Beds   4900 - 6300 SEK/W

House in Täby
  House in Täby, Stockholm
House in Täby, Uppland
Idyllic house in Täby. The house is located in the area Roslags Nasby in Täby. It is a green and ...

  3 + 2 Beds   7500 SEK/W

House in Fjärdhundra, Enköping
  House for rent in the Swedish countryside
House in Fjärdhundra, Enköping, Uppland
Accommodation with 6 beds in Fjärdhundra, nära Enköping Sala, Västerås Uppsala. Welcome to Blås...

  6 Beds   4500 - 5500 SEK/W
1050 - 1250 SEK/Day

Cottage in Vätö
  Archipelago cottage on Vätö
Cottage in Vätö, Uppland
On Vätö about 1 hour and 20 min drive from Stockholm lies Fiskebyn. The cottage consists of a main...

  3 + 4 Beds   800 - 1000 SEK/Day

Cottage in Malma, Värmdö
  Wonderful house in the unique Stockholm archipelago, Varmdo
Cottage in Malma, Värmdö, Uppland
This fabulous house was completely renovated and extended in 2013 The plot is unusually large an...

  11 Beds   15000 - 20000 SEK/W

Cottage in Ljusterö, Östra Lagnö, Husarö, Yxland
  Eastern Lagnö with the sea as your neighbor
Cottage in Ljusterö, Östra Lagnö, Husarö, Yxland, Uppland
Here you have calmness and seclusion, nature experiences and the sea, bird song and waves, no dist...

  4 + 3 Beds   7000 SEK/W

House in Fjärdhundra, Enköping
  House in the countryside
House in Fjärdhundra, Enköping, Uppland
House with 5-6 beds. 15 minutes drive from Enköping and 1 hours drive from Stockholm. 10 minute...

  6 + 2 Beds   4000 - 6000 SEK/W
1200 - 2000 SEK/Day

Farm in Väddö, Norrtälje, Roslagen
  Large and lovely house with walking distance to swimming
Farm in Väddö, Norrtälje, Roslagen, Uppland
A large beautiful house from the turn of the century with walking distance to Åland Sea and the i...

  14 + 2 Beds   10000 - 12000 SEK/W
2000 SEK/Day

House in Färingsö, Ekerö, Stockholm
  Lake House
House in Färingsö, Ekerö, Stockholm, Uppland
During the holiday we rent out our house. Fully furnished and equipped / personal items unpacked....

  6 + 2 Beds   7500 - 9500 SEK/W

Cottage in Vaxholm, Resarö, Roslagen, Stockholms skärgård
  Charming small cottage
Cottage in Vaxholm, Resarö, Roslagen, Stockholms skärgård, Uppland
Welcome to rent our charming cottage with a large outside porch for lovely summer evenings. A ni...

  2 + 2 Beds   3800 SEK/W

Cottage in Gräsö, Öregrund, Östhammar
  House for 6-9 persons on Gräsö Seashore
Cottage in Gräsö, Öregrund, Östhammar, Uppland
Our paradise! Beauty, calmness, privacy, wild nature and the sea, bird song and sea sounds. No n...

  8 + 1 Beds   6000 - 10800 SEK/W
1300 - 2200 SEK/Day

Cottage in Biskopskulla, Örsundsbro, Enköping
  Rönnastugan, cabin in a calm and beautiful area
Cottage in Biskopskulla, Örsundsbro, Enköping, Uppland
On our farm in Rönna we have a cabin where you can stay any time of the year. The cabin is located...

  5 + 2 Beds   3500 SEK/W

Cottage in Vindö, Djurö
  Modern house close to lake. Värmdö
Cottage in Vindö, Djurö, Uppland
Spacious modern house of 62 sqm with 2 small bedrooms with single beds, a larger bedroom with doub...

  4 + 3 Beds   7000 - 9000 SEK/W

Cottage in Värmdö, Stockholms skärgård
  Holiday accommodation on farm near the water
Cottage in Värmdö, Stockholms skärgård, Uppland
You are welcome to rent our lovely side building on Kolvikens Farm. Here you can enjoy the peace ...

  4 + 2 Beds   7000 - 9000 SEK/W

Cottage in Våtö, Norrtälje
  Charming house with a lot of picturesque feeling!!
Cottage in Våtö, Norrtälje, Uppland
Our beautiful house is available in august and september! You can find it in Norrtälje just 9 mil...

  4 + 3 Beds   7000 SEK/W

Cottage in Edeby, Väddö
  Caravan hostel, Edeby Gästfrihet
Cottage in Edeby, Väddö, Uppland
Summer joy in Roslagen! Try something exotic - Caravan hostel offers a relaxed stay close to the n...

  2 Beds   1800 SEK/W
365 SEK/Day

Cabin in Riala
  Idyllic cottage 45 min from Stockholm
Cabin in Riala, Uppland
The cottage was built in 1892 and was carefully renovated with preserved mirror doors, wood stove ...

  5 + 1 Beds   3000 - 4500 SEK/W
600 - 700 SEK/Day

House in Bergshamra, Solna
  Traditional dream, 10 min from Stockholm
House in Bergshamra, Solna, Uppland
Traditional swedish charm in spacious wooded lot, and in close proximity to Stockholm city. This h...

  6 + 1 Beds   15000 - 15000 SEK/W
3000 - 3000 SEK/Day
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